Roach Control

There are many ways to control the roaches in your home. However, some methods are much more effective than others. We will show you some of the approaches and their strengths and weaknesses.


Crevices, Cracks, Tiny Spots, and More

Roaches can crawl through the tiniest hole imaginable. The safest approach is to assume any space small enough for a pinhead is large enough for a critter to crawl through. Many times people don't realize the open areas to their home. They may have cracks under doors, windows that don't shut tightly, screens that are torn, and ventilation that isn't covered. All these tiny cracks and crevices make for easy entry. The important thing to to is to keep the outside sealed off properly. Take some time and examine your home. Look for ways to keep any bugs out by sealing the home up tight.



Insecticide is probably the most common choice for roach control. The strength of this approach is that it definitely knocks the roaches back quickly. You will notice dying roaches that come out almost immediately. You will get a feeling of success knowing you did some damage. However, the party is short lived because the approach doesn't get to the heart of the matter (the nest). It is best to use insecticidal in combination with other methods. It is not a cure all method. You will need to continue to spray every few months.



If you live in a state with a lot of roaches, like California or Florida, you may have seen a lot of people doing fumigations. In a fumigation, you actually move out of your home for a day or two until the fumes get everywhere. This approach is effective because the poison gets into every crack and crevice. You will see a big difference in your home and in some cases you get total elimination. The only bad part of fumigation is you have to move out of your home and put poison everywhere (literally). Many people hat fumigation, but feel it is a necessity.


Brute Force

If you are a newbie to roaches, you might think the brute force method would work. This involves stepping on one or hitting them all with a shoe or boot. This method is actually tried out by a lot of inexperienced people. What many people don't realize is that once you see one roach, it is likely you have 15-20 thousand. And, they don't like to come out in the light and are awesome at hiding. That means you will never see most of them. The only ones you actually see come out from overcrowding or that are sick. So, the brute force method is pretty much 100% not going to work.



Roach traps are often sold at grocery stores and hardware stores. While roaches will use them, they are typically used to find out where the strongest concentrations are. For example, you put out a few traps and see which ones get used the most. Traps are not going to eliminate a roach problem, they are basically another tool to help you locate the nest.


Aerosols and Can Foggers

These are sold at many stores. They are basically akin to the brute force method (doesn't work). You can run up to a roach and spray it and watch it die. Or, you can spray a few areas and hope it gets them. This doesn't typically work well because there are way to many to go after and you certainly don't know where they are all hiding. You may feel good knocking a few back, but long term results are dismal.


Boric Acid Dust

The boric acid dust works well. One of the tricks is to apply it correctly. You need to know where the roaches are. Then, you apply a thin layer. It should be thin enough that you can't see it. If you can see white powder, it is on too thick. If it is too thick, the roaches will avoid it. The caveat with this approach is knowing where the roaches are going because they have to walk over it. Perhaps the best approach with dust is to but a bunch at a nesting site or major infestation area. For example, under water heaters is often a necessary place to put it. Don't worry about the boric acid roach control catching on fire because it is also a fire retardant.


Boric Acid Roach Bait

Baits are the most effective method of all. The roaches come to you. That takes a load off. Which wall were you going to take down looking for the nest. Boric acid baits are awesome because the roaches take it back to the nest. The nest gets eliminated and now you have a real chance at solving your problem. For most home owners a good boric acid roach bait is the best choice. It can eliminate the roaches for up to one year with one application. There is virtually no other product that can compete with that. If you have a heavy infestation, it is a good idea to use dust and baits in harmony for total roach control . In an ideal world, you will locate all the roach nesting areas first, use some dust there and then put out baits to finish the job.


Final Tips

There are a lot of products that claim that they can control your roaches. While most roach products will actually kill roaches, the main concern is total elimination. The only way to do that is to stop the reproductive process. Boric acid baits are the best choice for nest elimination. In addition, they are the simplest to apply. A good site that knows about roach bait is