Outdoor Roach Control

Some areas that are roach prone are much more difficult to deal with than others. Areas of the country with hot and humid weather and mild winters will face the hardest roach problems to deal with. All in all, it is important to be smart about outdoor and indoor areas.

A lot of people make a simple mistake of focusing only on the indoor part of the problem. Here is how indoor focus only can create a problem for you.

Suppose you have a million roaches ten or twenty feet from the front or side door of the house. It could be a woodpile, a swimming pool, a water fountain, or all the above. Further, consider what might happen if there were several roach nests all throughout your yard. If you eliminate the roaches in the home, how will you keep them from moving in?

Fortunately, there are strategies that work. You can put bait outdoors to help eliminate the nest. You can put boric acid on the grass, in concrete cracks, and anywhere else you think they might be. You could eliminate wood and water sources. The main thing is to try and eliminate the outdoor problem and the indoor problem simultaneously.

Some companies actually sell a fertilizer with boric acid integrated into it. You can fertilize the lawn and control your roaches at the same time.